March 5, 2008

Cheminformatics 2.0

Some brief notes on and links to presentations from the MCISB / NaCTeM workshop on Chemical Informatics and Data-driven Science, held at the MIB in Manchester, 4th March 2008.

  1. Douglas Kell: overview of issues for chemical genomics and systems biology
  2. Sophia Ananiadou: Text mining and semantic markup
  3. David DeRoure, University of Southampton. The New e-Science: Manchester edition
  4. Colin Batchelor, Royal Society of Chemistry: Chemical named-entity recognition and literature markup
  5. Liz Lyon, UKOLN, University of Bath and Simon Coles, University of Southampton. eCrystals Federation: Open Repositories for Data-driven Science
  6. Henry Rzepa, Imperial College London: Chemical e-publishing in the semantic web era (A Working Scientist’s Perspective)
  7. Peter Willett, University of Sheffield: Cheminformatics and information management
  8. Andrew Hopkins, the University of Dundee. Lead-likeness, drug-likeness and the druggable genome

[Picture credit: Atomium picture by Stephen McLeod]

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