Tasty cake by bochalla, on Flickr

Some posts are more popular than others, here are some of the tastier posts that have either received lots of views, comments or capture what this blog is all about.

World Wide Wikipedia

Weird, wonderful and wrought with problems but a force for good on the web. Adventures in wiki-space…

BBC: Big British Castle

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), inspires and infuriates in equal measure:


Googleology: a weird, wonderful and worrying science from Mountain View, California:

A little bit of politics

We get the politicians we deserve:

Scientific publishing, must try harder

A profitable business that is 350 years old, and mostly refuses to change for the 21st Century.

Book learnin’ and education

Book reviews, book burning and other bookish or educational posts

Just for laughs

Some lighter comic relief:

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