November 28, 2006

New, Improved SEMANTIC Web: Now with added meaning

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This amusing picture-parody of the semantic web is worth a thousand words, was conceived of by Mark Butler for a presentation [1] and drawn by Rachel Murphy of Rude Girl Designs.

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  1. Mark Butler (2003) Is the semantic web hype? Hewlett Packard laboratories presentation at MMU, 2003-03-12
  2. Tim Berners-Lee (2006) Welcome to the Semantic Web The Economist: The World in 2007
  3. Eric Schmidt (2006) Why the web will win by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google The Economist: The World in 2007
  4. The Romantic Web: Peter Norvig of Google vs Tim Berners-Lee of the Dubya-3-C
  5. Burn semantic web, burn!

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