April 25, 2008

WWW2008: The Great Firewall of China

Passage [The Great Wall / Beijing] by d'n'cThe seventeenth international World Wide Web conference (WWW2008.org) is currently finishing in Beijing, China. There are some interesting papers this year. Thankfully, the Great Firewall of China doesn’t prevent these papers reaching the rest of the world. It’s One World, One Web (allegedly). Here are some brief highlights from the conference.

In parallel to the main sessions, the W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLSIG) held a successful workshop chaired by Susie Stephens and Ivan Herman has blogged about another Semantic Web session here. For a full description of WWW2008, see the program overview. Next year WWW2009.org will be in Madrid, Spain.

Mañana, mañana…

Creative Commons License


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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

[Great Wall of China picture by d’n’c]

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